We Build Intelligent Brands

Our Software-Driven, Intelligent Brand Consultancy Changes The Game

Unrivaled Group is a female-led, software-driven tech consultancy creating data-driven ecosystems and brand value chains for brands, properties, talent, and providers. ​We are brand builders. Our one-of-a-kind, proprietary ecosystems allow brands, properties, or talent to understand their addressable market and drive real business performance.
We do this with our Real Business™ software, the engine behind our ecosystems, generating value for clients and partners and allowing them to track results based on actual performance.
Our ecosystems inform business decision-making and increase client engagements with their fans/consumers, driving revenue and business performance.​


What is an Intelligent Brand?

To us, an “intelligent brand” is a brand that leverages advanced technologies and data-driven strategies to enhance its overall performance, ​customer experience, and competitiveness through brand-driven value chains that align buyers and suppliers.​

Data Utilization

Intelligent brands use data ecosystem analytics and Al to gather insights into consumer behavior, market trends, and other relevant information. This data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions and tailoring strategies to meet consumer needs.


Intelligent brands embrace sustainable practices and communicate their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. ​


Intelligent brands prioritize building an authentic and transparent image. This involves honest communication, ethical business practices, and a genuine connection with their audience.

Digital Presence

Intelligent brands have a strong and effective online presence and use digital marketing strategies to reach and connect with their target audience.

Continuous Learning

Intelligent brands prioritize continuous learning and improvement.


An intelligent brand is agile and can quickly adapt to changes in the market or consumer preferences.


Intelligent brands are at the forefront of adopting new technologies and innovations in their products or services.

Customer Experience

Intelligent brands prioritize and invest in providing a seamless and personalized customer experience.

How We Build Intelligent Brands

We build Intelligent Brands through our proprietary Real Business™ software. ​This software is the data engine that fuels Intelligent Brands and is the core of every private, successful business performance ecosystem we build.


Reduced Costs

Increased Speed

Continuous Improvement

Collaborative Decisions

Unrivaled Strategy

The Real Business™ software allows us to do this through three simple steps:

We Collect Data With Best Practices

We identify and aggregate audience behavioral and interaction data.

We Identify + Align The Right Data For Your Brand

We pair this alongside relevant second- and third-party data to build out a database with a single, comprehensive proprietary ecosystem for each of our clients. This results in an intelligent brand and supplier strategy that uncovers the true performance of all assets in the ecosystem

We Use This Data To Build Go-To-Market Strategies

We turn insights into well-informed go-to-market strategies and tactics, monetizing this data and driving strategy forward.​

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Unrivaled Women and Unrivaled Brands don’t play by the same rules. So, we are creating a whole new game.