Driving the Unrivaled Brand Performance Index

Measuring performance with a secure, AI-driven digital ecosystem. software platform

The Realbusiness AI-driven software platform is at the core of the Unrivaled Group’s Intelligent Brand and Business ecosystems. Realbusiness creates secure, end-to-end digital ecosystems for corporations that provide a single view of key market data and trends, supplier channels, contract performance and consumer sentiment.

The Five Steps to a Realbusiness secure ecosystem

Step One:

Data Collection and Scoring

Market data is aggregated while the AI-driven app compiles best practices data from first-person surveys and data entry, registrations, contract performance and transactions.
Step Two:

Data Methodology

Data analytics is continuously applied through the Unrivaled 6 Step Methodology with real time reporting and decision support in a customizable dashboard display. First and second person, vetted data is automatically collected in a traceable business model to meet all compliance requirements through all the supplier tiers.
Step Three:

Core Managed Service

Unrivaled applies its consulting services, which includes Intelligent Branding, Intelligent Supplier Solutions, Performance Contract Management and Smart Transactions within the secure ecosystem.
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Step Four:

Realbusiness.AI Engine and Ecosystem Marketplace

The software is made available in the app stores and on the web and is available for white labeled solutions for corporate clients.
Step Five:

Creation of a vetted and secure dedicated ecosystem

Corporations, Governments, Organizations, Teams, Athletes, Workers and SMBs now have access to secure ecosystems to protect their work, value, and assets.

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