Unrivaled Group Unleashing Tech Solution to Boost Women’s Sports and Business

Published: March 22, 2024 • The Licensing Letter

By Allison Watkinson, TLL Reporter

Unrivaled Group has launched a new organization to boost Women’s Sports and Business using brand-specific, AI-powered systems to reveal the performance and perceptions of brands to help them improve.

The new division is being launched through a merger with women’s-certified companies Realbusiness and Fuse Solutions.

Since 2008, Unrivaled Group has served as a full-service sports strategy and marketing firm that works with teams, athletes, leagues, properties and the brands that sponsor them.

Realbusiness software has been a leader in successfully creating digital ecosystems in a number of industries, while Fuse Solutions has built a digitally connected supply chain made up of women-owned and diverse-owned companies.

With Realbusiness and Fuse Solutions, Unrivaled Group says its new software will help industries with large supply chains that seek greater participation from women and diverse-owned businesses to create data-driven marketing strategies and executions that reduce costs and increase speed.

Through AI-driven data analytics, the newly branded Unrivaled Group will also help women’s leagues, teams, athletes and brands, as well as women-led businesses, craft a framework to create and execute intelligent brand strategies and accurately measure results.

“Unrivaled Group is more than an organization, it’s a movement,” says Unrivaled Group’s founder and Head of Strategy and Sports Valerie Tyson. “Through this merger we are going to build a more equitable future for women by reshaping the way industries work with female-led businesses.”

Tyson says part of the rationale for this program is just good business, but it’s also intended to promote more equity in the business world.

“We are changing the game for women professionals by democratizing gender equity in both business and sports by positioning our clients and partners with the data needed to create new rules to level the playing field forever,” she says.

Jennifer Schaumburg is the founder of Fuse Solutions and the new president and Chief Operating Officer of Unrivaled Group. She says the strength of the companies, combined in a single entity, is designed to help female entrepreneurs achieve more rapid growth.

“Fuse’s longtime commitment to prioritizing women in business is what led to us join forces in Unrivaled Group’s movement,” Schaumburg explains.  “We came together on the visionary idea that empowering women entrepreneurs through technology will unleash tremendous economic growth. By providing a digital platform and ecosystem that eliminates barriers, we enable success to women-owned businesses worldwide.”

Unrivaled Group is a female-led software company that uses proprietary software to build data-driven ecosystems for brands, properties, talent and suppliers. Our platform and audience metrics generate value for clients and partners by providing vetted data needed to track results based on actual performance. We build game-changing experiences at the intersection of strategy and technology by providing a framework through brand intelligence that allows clients to maximize engagement with their consumers and further grow their business.

Companies interested in learning more can go to https://unrivaledgroup.com/

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