Unrivaled Group Co-Founder, Head of Strategy + Sports – Valerie Tyson

Released: April 9, 2024
Podcast Name: Media People Podcast
Episode Title: EP96 - Unrivaled Group Co-Founder, Head of Strategy + Sports - Valerie Tyson
Episode Description:

When Valerie Tyson interviewed for a marketing role with the Charlotte Hornets, it was team owner and NBA legend, Michael Jordan, who handled her final interview. And this is only one of the many stories comprising Valerie’s sports marketing career. Valerie is the Co-Founder, Head of Strategy + Sports at Unrivaled Group—a female led, sports driven tech consultancy. Valerie’s career didn’t start in sports, but local radio—running promotions for stations in Arizona and San Diego. She moved KLSX in Los Angeles, where it provided her first taste in sports marketing. It included LA Kings radio broadcasts along with west coast events for the Howard Stern Show. She jumped at the chance to lead marketing for the LA Avengers inaugural season in the Arena Football League, and it was from here her sports marketing career took off. Valerie Tyson stops by to chat about growing up in Chicago, why she studied journalism in university, creative ways to launch an arena football team, relaunching Charlotte’s NBA team after the original Hornets moved to New Orleans, and what she’s out to accomplish with Unrivaled Group.

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