Game Changer: Unrivaled Group teams up to level the playing field

Published: April 19, 2024 • WE Texas

Unrivaled Group works with corporations, leagues, teams, athletes and brands, as well as women-led businesses, to craft a framework to create and execute intelligent brand strategies and accurately measure results, according to a press release the company issued in March.

“Unrivaled Group is more than an organization. It’s a movement,” Tyson said in the release. “We are using software to create a more equitable future for women by reshaping the way industries work with female-led businesses. We are changing the game for women professionals by democratizing gender equity in both business and sports, by positioning our clients and partners with the data needed to connect women to more contract opportunities, resulting in more wealth for women and leveling the playing field forever.”

The plan is to allow women-owned businesses to join the Unrivaled Women ecosystem powered by the Realbusiness™ platform at no cost and to enlist corporations that are looking for diverse suppliers to buy into the system. Unrivaled Group is providing vetted data that tracks results of the women-owned companies based on actual performance, helping corporations decide whether to choose them as vendors.

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