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Unrivaled Business Ecosystem

The Unrivaled Business ecosystem is focused on growing the participation and performance of Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers for corporations. Software

Realbusiness is a comprehensive solution that monitors contract performance in real time in a dedicated ecosystem. The Al engine provides pure performance-based metrics that allows businesses to make decisions against actual performance targets.

Unrivaled Sports Ecosystem

The Unrivaled Sports ecosystem is dedicated to the lifecycle of athletes to scale their brand and wealth in all facets of business.

Unrivaled Women Ecosystem

Unrivaled Women is the first ecosystem dedicated to women's ability to perform and grow wealth by connecting to other women and corporate opportunities.

Enterprise Custom Ecosystem

Create Your Own Ecosystem to connect to high performing people and business in all Unrivaled ecosystems, grow the participation of your Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers and uncover the ROl of your suppliers, contracts and marketing.

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Your ecosystem will take 30 days to go live in a pilot configuration. While we are working with you on your pilot, we will plan the next steps of data customization and integrations based on the data and results coming in. These can take from two to eight weeks, depending on the level of complexity of the data and dashboard requirements. We recommend standing up the white label ecosystem in stages, so we can test and iterate while developing any customizations that have been requested.
You will have complete visibility up and down the supply chain, uncovering performance where it matters. A dedicated, Al-driven ecosystem will increase the participation of vetted & verified suppliers, buyers and sellers, while providing more control over performance, cost and ROl.
Digital Contracts form the basis of ranking and scoring. The Al monitors contract performance and assigns a score based on the level of fulfillment of the agreed upon metrics and requirements.
We are engaged in an omni-channel marketing campaign to bring attention to the Unrivaled Women ecosystem, which connects women owned business to corporate opportunities.
The Realbusiness platform and all Unrivaled Ecosystems are hosted in the Azure Cloud and utilize the full range of Azure security features. All verification data and transaction data is managed by Stripe through their PCI compliant infrastructure.
You do. All data can be accessed and downloaded from the web-based dashboard at any time. As a data-driven platform, ecosystem data fuels the performance of your supply chain and supplier networks. The Al engine is designed to help each business in the ecosystem become more efficient, high performing and sustainable.
Data is generated from users in the ecosystem. We are also able to pull in data from any public or proprietary source and display that in the dashboard. Custom reports can be created based upon the needs and requirements of the ecosystem owner.
No. The Realbusiness software is a closed, standalone ecosystem. The data can be easily exported for use in any other platform. As a 100% Microsoft solution, we can integrate with almost any API that can connect through the Azure upon request.
We do not directly sell any PII data. Realbusiness creates indices and may make the nonPIl index data available.