We are great utility players. Woman owned and led, we have over a decade of experience working with the most iconic brands, sports leagues, teams, professional athletes, entertainment properties and the brands that sponsor these organizations. We build game-changing experiences through the intersection of strategy and technology and help brands connect with their consumer's passion points to drive brand affinity and business performance. Even better, we've seen it all so we can help you scale quickly and learn from our successes and teachable moments.

Established and emerging brands, leagues and teams rely on the Unrivaled Group to architect integrated marketing strategy, digital and transformative business solutions. At the foundation of each of our client relationships is strategic planning. These learnings empower us to build strategic marketing solutions that breakthrough to consumers and deliver remarkable results.

Our detailed, intelligent process provides an efficient, focused framework for every phase, from brand brainstorming, execution, measurement and optimization.


  • Partner with best in class organizations and their leaders to build their brands without barriers
  • Empower client brands to create and share their vision, find their voice
  • Lay a strategic foundation for our client to become remarkable storytellers and provide these world-class brands with the opportunity to tell their stories and connect with their core audiences
  • Build remarkable brands through the art and science of marketing
  • Inspire and provide brands with the tools and brand voice to drive business performance


  • Alec Alvarez
Alec Alvarez
Client Services
  • Anna Sawyer
Anna Sawyer
Sr. Manager, Copywriting + Community
  • Antoine Ibrahim
Antoine Ibrahim
Head of Communications
  • Brandon Arceneaux
Brandon Arceneaux
Advisory Board
  • Cindy Sisson
Cindy Sisson
Advisory Board - Advisory Board
  • Estrella Lozano
Estrella Lozano
  • Jason Brannon
Jason Brannon
VP, Client Services
  • Jeff Nelson
Jeff Nelson
Visual Content Creator
  • Jennifer Cavett
Jennifer Cavett
Graphic Designer
  • Jim Donofrio
Jim Donofrio
Advisory Board
  • John Buckner
John Buckner
Advisory Board
  • John Martin
John Martin
Advisory Board
  • John Tamanaha
John Tamanaha
VP, Communications
  • Karleigh Koehnlein
Karleigh Koehnlein
Coordinator, Content + Community
  • Lara Pinson
Lara Pinson
Graphic Designer
  • Marc Evans
Marc Evans
Advisory Board
  • Meaghan Herrmann
Meaghan Herrmann
Director of Client + Agency Operations
  • Mike Kelley
Mike Kelley
President, Content & Production
  • Robin Bethel
Robin Bethel
Advisory Board
  • Ryan Showfety
Ryan Showfety
Email & Influencer Marketing Specialist
  • Valerie Tyson
Valerie Tyson